Wednesday, December 1, 2010

O' Christmas Card...O'Christmas Card...How Lovely are Thee:)

Wow...I cant believe its already Christmas time!! And crazy enough time to start getting cards to hang up:). One of the many things I look forward to each year, is getting the mail and finding cards from those we love:)! I am stoked to start getting all of our Christmas Cards in the next few weeks!!

We actually haven't done cards in a long time but I thought to go ahead and give it a try! I was hugely impressed with my choices online (many different sites/etc)...but overall I found *Shutterfly* to be one of the best, with many fun choices/layouts/ease of uploads/etc...Ive listed a link to their 'card' part of the website so you can easily check them out yourself
Here .

I am really excited to see how they look in person, but online they look smitten:)!! I especially liked the many layout options from
one to six different pics on the card, as well as many pictures printed even on the inside of the cards too:)!
I think my two favorite cards are this, this & this...if I had to pick just 3!!!

While spending some time on their site, I also noticed they have other gift options I know other companys do, and I def have made them in the past. Through shutterfly, these too were super simple and fun to create:)! I lovedddddd the
mugs and Calendars...Cant say 4 sure which I made or any details bc some of my family may read this:)...but I can say they are awesome and Im excited to give them as gifts!!

Also...for a limited time they are offering 50 free cards to 'bloggers'...check out the deal here:)!!

Enjoy and be looking for your card from us in the mail:)!!