Saturday, July 24, 2010

Part Fish??

We have been spending tons and tons of time at our local pool. We are feeling very blessed to have such a great pool only 3 blocks from our home. Both of the kids are taking swimming lessons 5 days each week, and are both loving it (Chloe has taken lessons every year since she was 6months but this is Leyton's first year)!! About 3 weeks ago Chloe began swimming on her own, which has been a bitter-sweet thing for me (bitter-b/c it confirm shes growing up fast, sweet-b/c i love that she can swim!!) but she loooves swimming all over the place and loves the independence it gives her! I believe they both are becoming part fish b/c despite the amount of time we spend at the pool, they still ask often when we are going 'to the pool'!!?? I will for sure be sad when this beautiful weather is gone, but we sure are enjoying it while it lasts! Between spending most afternoons or evenings at the pool and others at the park or outside in our yard...we are really enjoying our summer!!I can hardly believe Chloe will be starting kindergarten in just a few short weeks:(, (more on that later). Ive added pics... so you can see or yourself that we indeed have two fishees on our hands:)!!