Friday, March 27, 2009

Calm/Content and oh so Sleepy....:)

Im super sleepy today...but that doesnt surprise me, since I wAs the one who stayed up extreamly late, due to the great 'strong' coffee I was blessed with last night from the all famous Starbucks:)! IT was a huge blessing though, bc I was able to scre lots of 'me-time'! I got a lot 'stuff' sorted through and put away (non-fitting shoes/clothes/etc from the kid's closets/clean laundry/etc) was able to vaccume/clean the basement area, where we do laundry & play in; sweep & mop our master bedroom,hallway,&stairs leading up to...and I also was able to get a nice, long, hot,relaxing,shower without rushing afriad of what I might find when finished:)!

Leyton has been 'sick' and miserable all week (he was diagnosed with a sinus infection on Monday and the antibiotics are making him terrably grumpy beyond imagination!!). I know it could be much worse but, to add to that, Chloe too is coming down with something similar(fever/congestion/sore throat due to drainage) assuming and quite confident its just the common cold thats going around that is also causing an extreamly sore throat as well bc both Dave and I had the same thing last week:( so she too has been suuuper 'edgey'...and really sleepy/kinda ornary all week. Needless to say Mommy was about to explode yesturday afternoon so, I decided id 'get out' and do some much needed errands just to get a breath of fresh 'anti-sick-kid atmosphere' for an hour or so...but I at the last minute, decided to take Chloe w/me for a little 'mommy-date'! As many of you know...its extreamly hard for me to leave my kids, for anything, especially when theres no reason they cant come along. I know, sometimes us mommys need time to ourselves which im able to get at night, after they are sleeping peacefully in their beds(and hubbys at work)...:)!! There will be a day that I have all the time in the world to grocery shop/run errands/get my hair done/do returns/sip coffee w/friends...alone and my kids will be off 'doing thier own things' and they wont want to be anywhere near me let alone tagging along to do errands....therefore daily I strive to make them fun,exciting,and kid-friendly trips even if just a run to Aldis or CVS for 2 or 3 things. Granted many times im thinking 'man, if I had no kids with me this 3 hr event would have been a quick 25minute trip...but oh well, my kids are learning through these everyday 'annoying', I love and enjoy seeing Chloe scanning the coupons at the grocery store, or 'struggling' to wash the windows at the gas station! All that to say Im so thanful God gave me the chancee to get out,especially with just Chloe, last night...we went to Verizon & platoes Closet, then ended up in a local Starbucks, just sitting by the fire 'chatting', w/our 'coffee' (She actually had hot Cocca but she thinks it was 'coffee'...)!! I loved seeing how important she felt in a 'big people' atmosphere, being a 'big person', enjoying 'coffee w/mom'...we chatted about school/God/friends/barbies/and of course whatever was on her mind at the moment...but most of all, I loved that it was all about Chloe, and not about 'when', we had to be 'where', for'what'! I love my little girl and am sooooo thankful for the 'little person' shes growing/and has become, to be. Our 'date' reminded me how much more I need to sit back, and truly enjoy who she is, and not what shes 'doing' or not 'doing'. As 'flustered' as I was when we left the house at 20mins to 7pm, I was so blessed/relaxed/ and extreamly, overwhelmingly, appreciative (for the awesome husband and children God has blessed me with...My children are sooo amazing to me...)when we arrived home alittle b4 9pm.

After getting home, she took a nice, long, bubble bath then I tucked her into bed for a nice long sleep, just in time to score some much needed quality time w/hubby b4 he headed out for work:). God is good...

Will update later...more on r waking,Chloe feels really really warm(GrrrrrGrrr)...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh My Sugar...!!

I can hardly believe how bad I am at blogging and keeping up with my blog...!! Things have been sooo crazy lately, im surprised I even am still geared to do this. However...Im scheduling myself time this afternoon while kidsRnapping and hubbys at his meeting to officially do a 'catch-up' blog...!! For now this is what you get...:)!