Thursday, August 5, 2010

*rOcK bAnD*...Pro????

For those of you who know Leyton (aka: Our lil' Rock star) (and those of you that don't know him well...) you may know how obsessed he is with ANYTHING musical (drums,guitars,singing & clapping to any beat,etc).

This past Christmas, one of his 3 gifts, was his own guitar (Chloe asked for a pink one the year b4, and Leyton had showed a lot of interest throughout the year, until it eventually began a full 'fight' each and every time she got it out). Lets just say it was his favorite present BY FAR, and by mid January it was pretty 'beat up' from lots and lots of '2 yr old-use'. By February, we had replaced the strap, and multiple strings, etc...but not BC he was miss using it but BC he honestly was a 'hard' player and really really enjoyed playing with it ALOT!

Whenever we are in a store, restaurant, church, etc and there is any music playing in the back round, he naturally 99% of the time is clapping his hands and tapping his leg/foot directly to the beat, most times saying 'Clap your hands, Real Loud'! Dave and I, many times have said that he definitely has more rhythm than BOTH Dave and I combined:)!

A funny story would be:
Back in June when Dave's grandpa passed away, we were at the funeral home for the viewing... and of course Leyton asked his grandma (Daves mom) if he could play the 'piano'...after hearing this, I couldn't figure out what the hec he was talking about, I didn't see any piano!!! But after looking around the room twice, finally I saw a very, very, old organ sitting in way back of the room, closed up, and away from where we were and certainly not in plain view for a 2yr old. How on earth did he see it, or even know it was a 'piano' I have NO IDEA!! Everyone including the open Casket, and brightly colored flowers (which id think would attract the eye of any small child much, more than an old, old, old organ). When Dave's mom told him 'no' he asked her if he could play when 'grandpa-grandpa' wakes up...Obviously seeing his great-grandpa 'sleeping' in the 'big Box' made him think that when he woke up, Leyton would be allowed to play loudly on the "very, very, very Old" 'piano'??!! Only my son...I tell ya!! Sure enough the very next day at the church, for the actual funeral; right when we arrived and walked into the sanctuary, where again the open casket and bright flowers were...Leytons eyes were immediately attracted to the older piano sitting at the very left side of the front of the church, and again proceeded to ask within 60 seconds...'I play Piano, real loud'???? (BC of course wed let him...why not?????; LOL...obviously I'm kidding, but don't understand his mind AT ALL).

Anyhow, Leyton had been asking for 'Rock Band' for our Wii or Drums for his birthday (in June). We decided the 'Rock Band' would be the better choice/purchase bc he would be able to grow with it, all while developing better hand/eye coordination, also would be able to use it as a family as well; and we'd save our sanity not having a 'real' set of 'Louddd' drums in our home, at least for a few years hopefully:)! Needless to say he LOVES it, and we have had ALOT of great family 'fun times' with the game and are sooo happy we decided to get it! Leyton is actually really really good at the guitar part of the game and within the first week was scoring high 80's and 90's on each song he would play (for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about...after each song is done in the game, it scores you, based on how many notes you hit and/or missed...100% would be no notes missed at all). He loved playing the 'game' portion but also quite often likes to just 'free play' with the drums...which is sooo fun to watch!!!

Below Ive posted pics of Leyton playing his 'Rock Band' and also playing the drums On Easter:)!! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quack, Quack...Says the Duck!

Last week, we ventured to a local outlet shopping place 'sort of' near our home, and fed the ducks. This is something the kids lovvvve to do and look foward to doing, every so often! Leyton had a 'minor' spill therefore leading to a short stay at the outlets; however the Ducks still got fed very, very well:)!! After uploading the pics I realized how old and big my baby girl is getting:(!